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Muscle Toning With Trusculpt FLEX Specialist

Newhope Laser Skin Care

Phuong Q. Tien, MD

Aesthetic Specialist located in Orange County, Westminster, CA

If you’re unable to get enough exercise or if you’re simply interested in getting an extra boost to tone your muscles, truSculpt® FLEX is an advanced muscle sculpting technology. At Newhope Laser Skin Care in Orange County, California, Dr. Tien provides truSculpt FLEX to tone and tighten specific muscles and improve your physique in-office with no downtime. Visit Newhope Laser Skin Care to accomplish your cosmetic goals with the best and the latest in modern cosmetic technology. Call the office or use the online booking tool to schedule a consultation today.

Muscle Toning with Trusculpt FLEX Q&A

What is truSculpt FLEX?

TruSculpt FLEX is an impressive and advanced technology specially designed to sculpt and tone your muscles. truSculpt FLEX is a noninvasive muscle sculpting treatment customized to suit your needs and body type.

TruSculpt FLEX is FDA-cleared for firming, toning, and strengthening different areas of the body, such as the buttocks, thighs, and abdominal area.

How does TruSculpt FLEX work?

TruSculpt FLEX improves muscle tone by inducing muscle contractions with a special electric current.

Treatments usually take around 45 minutes. The technology starts by creating a twisting motion to warm up and stretch your muscles and slowly build up a tolerance to muscle contractions. The technology tones your muscles by contracting and holding your muscles to the point of exhaustion before relaxing your muscles to increase strength and endurance.

To sculpt your muscles, the truSculpt FLEX system stimulates deep, fast, and sequential muscle contractions to build muscle mass and increase your basal metabolic rate (BMR).

TruSculpt FLEX involves the direct stimulation of specific muscles through electrodes located in the handpiece. This results in full muscle contractions that are similar to voluntary contractions during physical exercise. The different mode options of truSculpt FLEX are designed to simulate different workouts and replicate intensified squats, twisting, and crunch actions.

TruSculpt FLEX induces contractions that are more intense than physical exercise. These rapid contractions can lead to increased muscle mass, strength, and tone.

Following your truSculpt FLEX treatment, your muscle tone and contour continues to improve over a few weeks or even months.

What are the benefits of truSculpt FLEX?

Newhope Laser Skin Care provides truSculpt FLEX as a simple and convenient in-office treatment with no downtime so that you can get right back to your day.

TruSculpt FLEX has many benefits and can be used to treat up to eight areas at once. The system can target multiple, specific small, and large muscle groups.

For many years, electrical muscle stimulation has been successfully utilized as a substitute for exercise or in addition to exercise to help prevent muscle atrophy. In some cases, truSculpt FLEX can even reduce rehabilitation time following muscle injuries.

TruSculpt FLEX isn’t just for athletes and healthy individuals; it’s also for those with certain conditions who are unable to get enough exercise and for those looking to improve muscle tone.

You’ll need multiple treatments to get the best outcome. Most people notice impressive results in as little as four treatments.

For enviable muscle tone and contour, discover truSculpt FLEX and call Newhope Laser Skin Care or request an appointment online today.